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that the spirits left him there on their way out.
But the greatest puzzle to us youngsters was how
he got stripped of all those stout bindings!

I have seen some miraculous things done by the
old-time medicine-men, who have practically
passed out of existence and taken all of their
uncanny knowledge with them. 1 have seen
them send messages for a distance of many miles
merely by going into their teepee and sitting
down, 'thinking the message' to the other camp.
There were quite a few old Indians who could
'receive' these messages. I have seen them cure
dying people, and I have seen them to foretell
with accuracy the outcome of future events.

Lest it might be assumed that I am a little over-
credulous of the medicine-man because I am an
Indian, I am going to relate an incident which
happened to the missionary on the Blackfoot
Indian Reserve sometime ago. This missionary,
the Reverend Canon Stocken, who is still in charge
of the Indian Mission on the Blackfoot Reserve at
Gleichen, Alberta, had always doubted the stories
the Indians told him about the strange doings of
their medicine-men. And he had for years
preached against medicine practices before these
Indians, and tried to instil into them the same
doubts he had as to their effectiveness. But to
me and others this reverend gentleman has had
to admit that he is still marvelling over the